GoKeto Slimming Coffee Latte (10 sachets)




Our living LEGEND and undisputed no. 1 product.

✅The first ever KETO COFFEE in the Philippines.
✅Sold over 60,000 boxes on our first year
✅Only 3grams of carbs per serving and less than 70 Calories
✅Diabetic Friendly
✅Sweetened by Japanese Stevia
✅Packed with 5g of MCT for maximum appetite suppression and helps boost energy on a keto diet.

We take pride in giving you the FIRST and BEST-SELLING KETO friendly coffee in the Philippines. Our GoKeto 3-in-1 Coffee did not disappoint as a lot of people switched to this flavorful and rich-tasting coffee drink that made them forget their old and overly sweet brand.

And yes, this can be consumed even if you are not on a KETO diet.

Trust us, you don’t want to miss trying this out!


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